Why is building a flexible revenue architecture so difficult?

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Go-To-Market Operations

Skip the Apex code and data eng JIRA tickets. Workbase transforms raw data into targeted alerts, leads, and other revenue-generating workflows.

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Watch Alicia create a custom upsell alert in less than 5 minutes ⤵️

Why Companies Run Workbase

Check out our Use Case Library for data-driven automation.

Product-Led Growth

Sales engine run on top of self-service accounts and usage

Customer Ops

Customer success based on analytics and automation

Modern Selling

Data-driven sales enablement, hygiene, and analytics

Account GTM

Orchestration of account-based selling and marketing

HUMAN prides itself on providing clients with the tools and expertise they need to fight fraud impacting their business. In order to continue to bring top tier client support, we needed a bespoke system to measure customer health and engagement. For us, Workbase is a great solution to easily build and maintain the type of monitoring and insights we need to scale our CS operations.

Human Security

Your Data Security Matters

We are SOC 2 Type I certified and compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Turn Data Into Workflows and Next Best Actions...

1. Plug into your system(s) of record

Workbase provides a materialized view of all data fields in the tables you give us access to without the need for manual mappings. Yes, we are SOC II certified.

2. Express and iterate on last-mile analytics

Workbase empowers business users to self-service any last-mile analytics on raw data: roll-ups, look-ups, custom metrics, and time-based analysis.

3. Define your business logic and trigger conditions

Workbase brings an engine to listen for triggering conditions - we do the messy joins and loops so you don't have to worry about scale.

4. Set up workflows in common GTM tools

Workbase supports most common actions and data syncs in core go-to-market systems like the CRM and marketing automation.

Let's get started...

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