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Workbase transforms raw data into actionable workflows.

Last-Mile Insights

Engine to run actionable analytics without the need for complex joins and data migration

Proactive Monitoring

Alert listeners to bubble up  changes in metrics and account status over time

Workflow Automation

Integrations with the CRM, sales automation, comms, and project management tools

Workbase makes it easier For Ops and Analytics To Launch Successful Data Initiatives

Plug directly into the Modern Data Stack.

Workbase provides a materialized view of key data sources without the need for field mappings and migrations.

Quickly iterate on any last-mile analytics.

Workbase empowers your business users to self-service any long-tail, last-mile insights on top of models from underlying systems.

Customize a card to show the most helpful UI.

Workbase provides a simple builder to customize embeddable UIs, without needing to migrate your bigger data tables.

Trigger automations on top of complex data.

Workbase enables workflow automation for large data sets - we do the messy joins and loops so you don't have to worry about scale.

Reverse sync key fields into GTM tools.

Workbase supports reverse syncing key analytics and fields into core go-to-market systems like the CRM and marketing automation.

Helping Modern GTM Teams
Retain and Grow Customers

Product-Led Growth


Accounts that are exceeding usage limits allowed by their plan

Upsell Signals

Usage behaviors that signal account is ready for enterprise offering

Bottoms-Up Adoption

Multiple users from the same company signing up for accounts

New Team Expansion

Usage behaviors that signal new teams with different use cases are logging on

New Pricing Plans

Pricing analytics on upselling account to different pricing plans

Customer-Led Growth

User Journey

User-level milestones that are aggregated to the account level

QBR Automation

ROI and value creation metrics that are automatically generated

Renewal Risk

Nuanced health scores that take into account specific business needs

Support Risks

High number or fast growth in unresolved support tickets

Stakeholder Engagement

How much key stakeholders are engaging with the account

Modern Sales

Similar Customers

Automated ROI analytics on similar customers or partners

Trial Success Score

Health scores for new trials that signal high likelihood of conversion


In-app actions that signify opportunity to cross-sell an add-on product

Buying Intent

Level of engagement with digital properties like content and tools

Community Engagement

Level of engagement with online community platforms

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