Data platform for account teams

Analytics, visualizations, and automations powering the behind-the-scenes work of growing accounts
We help B2B companies reduce churn and grow customer spending
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Integrated suite of tools for teams to get work done

Customer Journey
Build out data workbooks to monitor non-linear customer journeys
Account 360
Integrate CX360 data with qualitative context across accounts
Leverage 2-way sync to your CRM & SaaS apps to automate  workflows
Advanced Sharing
Create templates that can be shared across the company and externally

Quickly centralize disparate data

Modern data architecture to avoid 9-month implementation cycles

Gain deeper visibility into accounts

Visual interface to create flexible, multi-layered views of the customer

Automate analytics to prioritize work

Self-service business intelligence to identify key accounts & workstreams

Track the customer journey

Pre-defined triggers and metrics to measure onboarding, adoption, and growth

Trigger downstream workflows

Integrations with SaaS tools to run ad-hoc tactical campaigns at scale
  • Finally, a dedicated interface for growing existing logos
  • Filter promising up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Map out and analyze account whitespace
  • Run campaigns without IT overhead
  • See account history to triage renewals
  • Finally, a lightweight CS platform with minimal data entry
  • Multi-layered 360 view of the customer
  • Health scores supporting custom formulas
  • Playbooks with data, metrics, and planning
  • Structured, organized workspace to log key notes
  • Customer-facing portal for collaborative execution
  • Finally, a data interface for support and success eng
  • Omni-search across many layers of customer data
  • Quickly access application and product settings
  • Review account events across multiple systems
  • Trigger downstream actions and changes through the app
  • Finally, a flexible platform for cross-functional campaigns
  • Use CX360 data to inform account-based campaigns
  • Give reps a visual interface to trigger communications
  • Create ad-hoc fields to coordinate complex initiatives
  • Orchestrate automated workflows across multiple tools

We supercharge your team metrics

Reduce Gross Churn

Empower your team to act on early indicators of churn

Drive Expansion Revenue

Provide actionable analytics for expansion opportunities

Improve Manager Visibility

Track rep productivity & health of customer base

Reduce Tooling Clutter

Eliminate point solutions and break down data silos

Become a superhero

Give your team an unfair advantage.
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