Operationalize your customer data

Analytics, processes, and automations powering the behind-the-scenes work of growing & retaining customers

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Account 360

Centralize data from your CRM, data warehouse, product stack, and other apps.

Custom Analytics

Define 'last-mile' analytics that help your reps make sense of raw data.

Data-Driven Workflows

Pull structured insights from qualitative workflows throughout the customer journey.

Downstream Sync

Sync customer data and insights to systems of record and other platforms.

Workbase sits on top of your tech stack to deliver a unified workflow

Arm reps with a central view of the customer.

Revenue orgs are now grappling with multiple systems of record, each with different data needed to drive customer engagement.

Workbase delivers a unified view of the customer - standalone or in iFrame.  We eliminate the need to grok through Looker reports, Amplitude, and Salesforce just for one workflow. We reduce the risk of 'things getting missed'.

Define actionable insights on top of raw data.

Reps aren't paid to be data analysts - many struggle with transforming raw BI data just to get the insights they need to do their job.

Whether it's a health score break-out or activity alerts, Workbase lets you create last-mile analytics so reps aren't flying blind by default. We arm them with more context about the customer than ad-hoc reports can.

Create custom interfaces for your business.

Each company has its own unique products and priorities. Ideally, operational tools should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

The configurability of Workbase runs deep. From complex deployments to custom entities, Workbase can mirror each layer of your operation. We enable this without putting your CRM at risk of expensive projects.

Set up data-driven playbooks to nail best practices.

Many checklist-based playbooks revolve around low-value to-do lists. They don't have customer-specific context, which limits how much value reps get from them.

Workbase supports reusable, interactive workbooks with instructions, forms, and collaboration. We wrap these workbooks with customer-specific data. And then we enable you to extract insights across many customers at once.

Trigger automations with customer data.

Automation can drastically reduce costs, especially for teams that operate at scale. For revenue orgs, a perennial tumbling block for automation has been data availability.

Workbase enables those types of automations that rely on customer data or a user interface. These can be simple alerts to actions in downstream tools, like adding emails to campaigns. We help your team scale productivity.

Sync data across your GTM tech stack.

The modern GTM stack relies on connecting systems of best-of-breed SaaS tools. This will only accelerate with the growing popularity of data warehouses.

Whether it's a CRM, marketing platform, customer support, or sequencing tool, Workbase pipes unified customer data to your tech stack. While we're not solely an ETL tool, whatever data we touch, we help permeate across your stack.

Enabling collaboration across Modern GTM teams that serve the customer...

Account Management

Visual account 360

Usage and custom alerts

Table interface to update deals

Live reporting on account plans

P&L and other analytics

Product-Led Growth

Product Qualified Leads

Usage alerts

Lead or account 360

Audience creation

Custom analytics

Customer Success

Customer 360

Health scores

Recurring check-ins

Journey playbooks

Notes repository

Support & Services


Customer timeline

CRM and billing data

Entitlements and SLAs

Implementation dashboards

Customer Marketing

Data warehouse integration

Sync to marketing suites

Sync to outreach tools

Audience creation

Custom analytics

Account-Based Sales

Multi-level account drill-downs

Opportunity management

Outreach reminders

Live account planning

Custom forecasting models

supercharge your team performance

Senior Leaders

Tooling to support top-performing revenue orgs

Supercharged Financial Metrics

Instill discipline needed to drive retention, net expansion, and LTV

Repeatable CX Journeys

Deliver amazing customer experience from sales to renewals

Top Customer Refrenceability

Build customer obsession into a workflow that reps use day-to-day

Self-Serve Data Access

Quickly gain context about specific customers without bothering reps

Team Managers

Tooling to maximize team performance and output

Customized Data Insights

Monitor operational metrics across your book of business

Repeatable Execution

Quickly implement knowledge management & guidance for reps

Actionable Coaching Data

Track customer engagement and activity by rep

Better Reporting Visibility

Communicate consistent adoption, retention, and expansion intel

Frontline Reps

Tooling to make the lives of rockstar reps easier

Customer Data In One Place

Gain deeper visibility into your accounts through custom views & filters

Data-Powered Workflows

Run your personal spreadsheets and notes alongside key data feeds

Analytics To Prioritize To-Do's

Leverage custom lists, formulas, and tags to avoid CTA overload

Cross-Team Collaboration

Stand up workspaces for teammates and customers

Ops & Analytics

Tooling to empower application development

Avoid CRM Red Tape

Stand up custom apps yourself without worrying about the CRM roadmap

Design Ad-Hoc Workflows

Quickly implement new processes and experiment over time

Arm The Team With Your Work

Deliver your advanced analytics and data to front-line reps

Reduce Tooling Clutter

Eliminate point solutions and break down data silos

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